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Web Service Takes the Worry Out of Working from Home

Bosses who are worried about having their workers work from home can rest a bit easier thanks to a new service. 

Transparent Business is a web-based application that addresses and solves problems associated with managing remote employees. Transparent Business provides a solution that can close the gap between the demand for telework and the apprehension towards it. The application allows managers to see, in real time, work that is being performed by telecommuters. Every three minutes, Transparent Business captures screenshots of the worker’s computer and makes these available to the manager through the cloud. Automatic time logging allows managers to see who is online at any given time. Up-to-date project tracking shows the true status and cost of every active projects. Privacy protection features keep the worker’s online activities safe.

TransparentBusiness.com was developed in 2008 by KMGi, an Internet visibility company, in an effort to address the challenges of monitoring its remote employees who were, at the time, scattered across 17 countries. Last year, KMGi made Transparent Business available to small teams for free and, for a small fee, to corporations. In 2012, Transparent Business won a PC World award for "Best Cloud Computing Solution for Enterprise."

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