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Contest Looking to Reveal Best Unknown Business


Unknown businesses may get some help in emerging from the shadows thanks to a new contest.

That contest which is searching for "The Best Unknown Business in America" is looking to give one lucky small business much more than a cash prize, though the winning business will be rewarded with $10,000. In addition to that cash prize, the winning business will also win a $40,000 public relations campaign to help improve visibility.

Interested businesses can enter the contest by visiting the Gregory FCA Facebook page, completing the entry form and submitting an essay on why they deserve to win. The contest will accept submissions through June 18. 

A panel of business experts will choose and award the winner on July 18.  That panel includes

Stephen T. Zarrilli, president and CEO of Safeguard Scientifics, Greg Matusky, founder and president of Gregory FCA, Daniel Roitman, founder and CEO of education ecommerce platform company Stroll and Miles Spencer, an angel investor, media entrepreneur and explorer who co-created Money Hunt, the original entrepreneurial funding reality TV show.

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