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Personify Bridges Gap Between Home and Office

Telecommuting just got a lot more personal thanks to a new service. 

That service, Personify Live, helps to bridge the gap between communicating remotely and talking face-to-face. It solves the problem of losing personal touch while remote. Most remote presentations, including webinars and Powerpoint slideshows, lack the personal component that make in-person communication successful and keep audiences engaged. Personify Live brings those critical elements back by seamlessly merging human interaction with digital content.

To achieve that, Personify uses depth-sensing technology, like the kind powering the Microsoft Kinect, to extract a presenter from his or her background and overlay a real-time video of them onto any desktop setting – including Powerpoint slideshows, webinars, etc. As a result, the audience can see both the presenter and the presentation’s content, causing them to be more engaged. This allows the presenter to deliver his or her message as clearly and effectively as possible. 

Personify Live is the only web conferencing tool on the market that combines human interaction with digital content, which brings personal touches, such as facial expressions, gestures and other non-verbal communication cues. The service costs $19.95 per month.

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