Unpakt, a new, instant pricing application helping consumers and small businesses find moving companies,offers small businesses within the$12 Billion moving industrywith marketing tools that help them gain exposure and grow their individual businesses while also bringing transparency to an industry that until now has been known for its uncertainty.Until now, consumers and small businesses have been faced with a number of obstacles when hiring a moving company. Unpakt takes the hassle out of moving by offeringan honest referral platform that is built around bringing consumers transparency.

Small Businesses are benefiting by tapping into the marketing benefits of Unpakt to increase their visibility, resulting in higher inquires and ultimately an increase in booked moves. 

Launched in major cities across the country, the business model is working, and moving companies are signing up to become partners of Unpakt. Within the next 18 months, Unpakt plans to expand its database to 3,000 movers in the top 200 US cities and 2,000 movers in the top 100 international cities.