3 Ways to Revive Your Job Search For Spring Credit: Crocus image via Shutterstock

Despite their goals of finding new work this year, many job seekers are finding that their search process has become a bit stagnant.

A new study from the online job site TheLadders found that while nearly three-quarters of employees said finding a new job was their top priority in 2013, many are overlooking key search fundamentals that may prevent them from landing a job.

Specifically, 75 percent of those surveyed were unsure as to how much work history they should include on a resume and only 36 percent regularly conducted Web searches of themselves to see how their online image is being portrayed.

TheLadders recommends job seekers take some time this month to freshen up their search efforts by reviewing and replenishing their professional inventories.

"Revamping your resume, polishing your online presence and optimizing your professional network will bring any job search to new heights," said Amanda Augustine, job search expert for TheLadders.

Augustine offers several tips to help job seekers give their brands a fresh look this spring, including:

  • Resumes: If the current resume is not delivering results, it may be time to start fresh. A resume should be no longer than two pages and should go back no more than 15 years, regardless of work history.
  • Online Presence: Job seekers may need to give their online presence a face-lift. To ensure employers find the best professional profile both online and in person, it is imperative they actively monitor their brand. Setting up "Google Alerts" for their name and tightening privacy settings is a great start.
  • Networks: It is time to break out the smartphone to research and re-engage with contacts with whom job seekers have lost touch. They should start planting the seeds now to grow a network of relevant contacts by joining professional associations, lunching with former colleagues and engaging with industry-specific online groups.

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