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Getting Control of Your Email

MaryAnn Bekkedahl is Founder and President of theSwizzle

Getting Better at Email

Do you ever wonder how we functioned before email? At work, at home or on the go, a vast majority of us can't go 30 minutes without sending, receiving or reviewing our emails (I'm guilty of checking through the night, too). For many highly connected people, the allure of opening the inbox isn't just a necessity; it's becoming an addiction.

That's why I can't stress enough the importance of "getting better at email." It is in everyone's best interest — senders and recipients; brands and consumers — to deliver an email that the intended person wants to read. Otherwise, you're just wasting time and ticking people off (which, for brands, means potentially losing customers).

Getting better means getting to the point of the message you're sending and only reading and reacting to those emails that you really care about. The rest is just digital noise.

To give you an example of that noise, brands, social networks and other organizations sent a record number of marketing messages in 2012, up 19 percent from 2011. You're probably thinking about all of those solicited emails you deleted without even reading, or as a marketer, all of the email blasts you sent to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers. Whichever side you look from, it's interesting to note that 77 percent of consumers said they prefer to interact with brands via email compared to any other channel, such as social networks, text messages, post and phone.

Email is getting pretty good as a marketing channel

These days, many of the subscription emails in your inbox are real-time, customized based on past purchases, recently viewed items, geography and the device you open the message with.

With the trend of email overload more than likely to continue in 2013, the time has come to clean up, prioritize and organize your inbox so that the emails you do receive are the ones you want to keep. Marketers should see this as great news, because if someone chooses to continue subscribing to your alerts, you're doing something right and the chance of making sales increases exponentially.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BusinessNewsDaily.

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