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Save Money by Working From Home

Jane Jerrard is Author of Working from Home: Earn a Living Where You Live

“If your goal is to make money without leaving the comfort of your home, you’re living in the right time,” says author Jane Jerrard in her new guide Working from Home: Earn a Living Where You Live (Huron Street Press, an imprint of the American Library Association). Aimed at would-be telecommuters and entrepreneurs, Jerrard’s succinct no-nonsense primer addresses a booming digital-age trend and a practical means for cutting costs. Jerrard shares some of her tips for how working from home can save you money — whether you’re working from home for an employer or starting a home-based business.

Get a Tax Break
If you have a large enough home to warrant a sizable workspace, consider spreading out a bit. The percentage of your home devoted exclusively to a home office is the percentage of your mortgage or rent, utility bills and other expenses that you can claim as tax deductions.

Boost Your Paycheck
One study shows that employees who work from home (i.e., remotely) often earn a higher wage than those in the same jobs who work on-site.

Cut Your Commute
Telework Research Network has estimated that employees who work from home for just half of every work week save an average of $362 per year on gasoline alone. Other possible savings include on average, $7.37 a day on meals and $2.41 a day on work clothes. That adds up to $6,800 for these workers who spend just half of every week working from home.

Fight Unemployment
Working from home greatly widens your opportunities for jobs. You can work for an employer in another state or even another country, because location isn’t important.

Management experts believe that employees who work from home get more done than those in a traditional job site — either because they put in more hours or because they don’t have many of the distractions found in a typical workplace.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BusinessNewsDaily.

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