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5 Career Lessons from the Oscars

academy awards . / Credit: Konstantin Sutyagin / Shutterstock.com

You may never experience the glamour of the Academy Awards, but that doesn’t mean you can't learn a thing or two from them that might come in handy for your career.

1)      Get up after falling down — Everybody makes mistakes at work. Jennifer Lawrence experienced the joy of winning the Best Actress Oscar only to trip and fall on her way up to the stage to accept the award.  However, it was her response to the situation that should resonate with the rest of us. Lawrence collected herself, accepted her award and delivered her speech with a smile. The lesson: Dignity always wins the day.

2)      Humility is the best approach — Despite not being nominated for Best Director, Ben Affleck walked away as one of the big winners from the night. When accepting the award for Best Picture for "Argo," Affleck gave a humble speech where he mentioned the journey it took to get there.  He also made up for a much cockier speech he made after winning for “Good Will Hunting” all those years ago. The lesson: People change.  And even if you’re a winner, people will like you more if you’re humble.

3)      Know your audience — Knowing your audience is important whether you are dealing with a client or hosting the Oscars.  Just ask Seth MacFarlane, who is getting mixed reviews today for his hosting job at the Academy Awards. MacFarlane is being criticized for being racist, sexist, homophobic and not family-friendly. The lesson: If you’re unsure of the audience you should err on the side of caution. 

4)      Dedicate yourself to your craft — Daniel Day Lewis made history when he became the first three-time Best Actor winner for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. Lewis is said to have kept in character throughout the filming of the movie "Lincoln." The lesson: You must truly dedicate yourself to their work in order to be successful.

5)      Keep working — The Oscars were full of stories of perseverance  by actors, directors and writers. Perhaps Affleck said it best in his acceptance speech, "It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life. All that matters is that you get up." The lesson: One you already know, If at first you don’t succeed….

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