Who gets the Job?

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Forget picking the winners at this year's Academy Awards, small business owners have a few thoughts on which nominees they would hire as employees. While it is not likely that any of the actors will take these business owners up on their offer, Oscar nominees can rest assured they would not be out of work too long in the event that they lose. BusinessNewsDaily compiled this list based on the responses of small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Quvenzhané Wallis — Actress in a Leading Role ("Beasts of the Southern Wild")

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She's too young to hire, but I'd offer her an internship (and probably a corner office) in a heartbeat. Forget about the fact that she's absolutely adorable and an inspiring little star, but I would value this young powerhouse on my corporate team because she's clearly got inherent strength, charisma, and raw talent. Those are really the most important qualities someone in a hiring position can ever hope for. And if she's this accomplished and poised as a nine year old, I can't even imagine what she'll be capable of as she continues growing up into a smart, strong young lady. I'm sure she would draw on her youth, Hollywood savvy, and Louisiana roots to deliver a fresh perspective and inspire everyone around her to bring their 'A' game. — Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software

Hugh Jackman — Actor in a Leading Role ("Les Misérables")

actors, academy awards, Oscars, nominees, hiring
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He is high energy and very intelligent — two great qualities for any business, but particularly for public relations. He puts everything he's got into his work and he gives smart interviews. This is the kind of person that you want working with your clients and representing your business. His charm would put clients at ease and I would know he would never stop working on a project until he had it perfected! — Tina Mosetis founder of MosetisPR

Amy Adams — Actress in a Supporting Role ("The Master")

actors, academy awards, Oscars, nominees, hiring
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As the CEO of a new and rapidly growing crowdfunding and e-commerce business, I would hire someone who is diverse and can appeal to many different markers. The Best Supporting Actress nominee would be the perfect choice. In addition to her beauty, she exudes charisma and intelligence. Plus, she is able to portray such a diverse set of characters flawlessly, from a princess in "Enchanted" to a tough bartender in "The Fighter" and now to her incredible work in "The Master." — Kendall Almerico, CEO of ClickStartMe

Daniel Day Lewis— Actor in a Leading Role ("Lincoln")

actors, academy awards, Oscars, nominees, hiring
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He is a true chameleon who is able to totally embody a different character in every role he plays. For a startup business like ours, we run a very lean team and having someone that can take on diverse roles (and excel at them) from one day to the next is critical to our growth. —Ron Robinson, founder and CEO of BeautyStat

Jessica Chastain — Actress in a Leading Role ("Zero Dark Thirty")

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With a commanding presence and top-notch education, she has shown exceptional vision and talent, collaborative style and unending energy that our global clients are seeking. With the impressive "Time 100 Most Influential People" status behind her, there's nothing she couldn't accomplish. I would hire her in a minute! — Brian Goodman, managing director at Experis, a division of ManpowerGroup

Bradley Cooper— Actor in a Leading Role ("Silver Linings Playbook")

actors, academy awards, Oscars, nominees, hiring
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He looks and acts like someone everybody knows and makes instant connections with people, which is great for a sales role.  He can adjust his style to suit any customer audience. It seems like even if you don't like him, you would listen to him and he would be indispensable to an organization. John McAdam, managing partner of Pioneer Business Ventures and author of the eBook "The One Hour Business Plan Foundation"

Jennifer Lawrence — Actress in a Leading Role ("Silver Linings Playbook")

actors, academy awards, Oscars, nominees, hiring
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Our company is already full of goofy and energetic people and Jennifer Lawrence would make a great addition. She's down-to-earth and always hilarious, but can turn it around quickly and deliver some truly Oscar-worthy performances such as in "Winter's Bone." So we know that she's a work-hard-play-hard kind of girl. Jennifer Lawrence certainly has range — she's been silly in "Silver Linings Playbook," serious in "Winter's Bone," tough in "The Hunger Games" — and has shown that she doesn't buckle under pressure hosting "Saturday Night Live." She's awesome and talented with a killer personality, and we would be lucky to have her. — Jenny Zhang, a part of the editorial team at SpareFoot

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