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And, America's Coupon Capital Is...

saving . / Credit: Coupon Image via Shutterstock

Atlanta is king of the coupon-cutting world. A new poll found that the Georgia capital was listed as the most frugal city in the United States for the fourth straight year.

Not only were Atlanta residents named the top savers by Coupons.com, but they were four times as likely to print coupons as residents from other metropolitan areas. The list was based on the total number of coupons printed or saved to a loyalty program on Coupons.com.

Two Florida cities, Orlando and Tampa Bay, followed in the frugal footsteps of Atlanta and were ranked the second and third most frugal cities in the country. Additionally, Nashville, Tenn., and Charlotte, N.C., rounded out the top five. The rest of the top 10 frugal cities includes:

  • Kansas City, Mo.
  • Boston
  • Cleveland
  • Sacramento, Calif.
  • St. Louis   

Though a city in Georgia was the most frugal city in the country, Ohio was the most frugal state with three cities ranked in the top 15. Overall, Sacramento made the biggest jump this year, going from unranked last year to the No. 9 spot this year.

"Three hundred five billion coupons were distributed in the U.S. in 2012, giving consumers more than $450 billion in potential savings," said Jeanette Pavini, Coupons.com household savings expert. "That’s more than the gross national product of most countries and, while saving money is a priority in every region across the United States, the Midwest dominates the most frugal U.S. cities list, with more than double the number of cities than any other region."

Despite being named the second most frugal city, Orlando was ranked as the top on-the-go frugal city.  On-the-go cities were ranked based on the use of Coupons.com mobile apps. Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa and Dallas rounded out the top five on-the-go frugal cities. The rest of the top 10 includes:

  • Kansas City
  • Cleveland
  • St. Louis
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Charlotte

"With the number of smartphones and tablets exceeding the number of PCs in the U.S., it’s no surprise American consumers are increasingly looking to their mobile devices to save money and stretch grocery budgets," said Pavini. "It's never been easier to access, browse, print and save coupons on-the-go with mobile apps that turn smartphones into savings experts."

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