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ToneCheck Analyzes Tone of E-mails Before You Hit Send

ToneCheck Analyzes Tone of E-mails Before You Hit Send
Credit: file404/Shutterstock

For entrepreneurs, sending e-mails unknowingly written in the wrong tone can damage relationships, aggravate work colleagues and alienate customers.

A tech-savvy tool has recently surfaced called ToneCheck to help people thwart sending upsetting e-mails. ToneCheck is a free software plugin for Microsoft Outlook that “identifies and flags emotionally charged sentences.”

“In the digital age, everyone wants to come off with the right tone because you don’t get a second chance,” said Matt Eldridge, founder of ToneCheck creator Lymbix.

People can download the tool here and then follow a seven-step installation process. Tonecheck is available only for Microsoft Outlook users. Eldridge plans to release versions for other e-mail clients soon.

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