Target Skips Super Bowl Ads to Go Mobile

Think Super Bowl ads are overrated? So does Target. The retailer just announced that it will be sitting out this year’s multimillion dollar competition for a commercial in favor of a more budget-friendly mobile game.

Mashable reports that Target’s “Snack Bowl,” which will be available for download on mobile Web browsers and as both an iPhone and Android app, was developed in the wake of the company’s recent success with other seasonal mobile apps .

The game, which features DiGiorno pizza, Coke Zero, and other popular brands, awards points to players who successfully complete snack food passes across a digital living room. Players will be able to promote the game by challenging Facebook friends to beat their high scores.

A representative for the company says that Target’s new approach to Super Bowl advertising reflects its desire to better connect with customers by offering more than just online shopping.

The mobile game’s landing page does, however, link customers to Super Bowl-related pages on Target’s website, such as fan gear and television sales.

Those Super-Bowl viewers who only watch for the ads can now keep themselves busy while all that pesky football is going on between commercial breaks.

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