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Even Cowboys Do Paperwork


If you were fantasizing that starting your own business would allow you to skip all the dreary HR paperwork, not so fast cowboy.

Turns out, human resources is an essential part of every business, even ranches. That’s the finding of new research that finds that successful ranch owners carefully consider finances, production, and marketing of the ranch operations, as well focuses attention on human resource management.

“Today, being a cowboy should mean being part of an organizational structure with well-defined responsibilities and a chain of command,” said the article in the latest issue of a ranch industry trade publication called Rangelands.

The importance of a good hiring process is the focus of one article. The ability to anticipate and assess labor needs is important in any business environment so that the owner is looking ahead to the long term. In a ranch environment, an employee who fits into team dynamics and ranch culture is essential. The authors discuss how to develop a candidate pool and assess qualities. The article also covers how to close the deal in hiring the person who is right for the job.