McDonald’s Officially Recognizes Australian Nickname . / Credit: Tomasz Bidermann /

If you happen to be “down under” this month and need a quick bite to eat, then it might behoove you to learn a little Australian slang before heading out for a snack. Reuters reports that McDonald’s recently announced a temporary change in signage at some of its Australian locations. The new signs will read “Macca’s,” instead of McDonald’s, in honor of Australia Day on January 26.

This local nickname for the international fast food chain is reportedly used by at least 50 percent of Australians and is considered to be the second most common Australianism after “footy,” which refers to the sport of Australian rules football.

In a further effort to show pride in its acquired Australian identity, McDonald’s has also called upon Macquarie Dictionary to add “Macca’s” to its online lexicon.

Thirteen stores will be changing their signage this week, though regular signs are expected to be back up by Feb 4.