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The Best Tax Software

tax season . / Credit: Taxes Sign Image via Shutterstock

Tax season can be the most stressful time of the year for some people. With laws that change annually and complicated calculations to compute, it’s no wonder that filing taxes can result in one big headache. Luckily, there are many software programs available that can help ease the stress of tax season and help you rest assured that your taxes have been filed accurately.

When choosing the best tax software for your, it’s important to look for a program that is highly accurate and easy to use so you can get the largest refund possible without having to jump through hoops. It’s also essential to choose a program that provides excellent customer support for all of your tax (and tech) related woes.

Our sister site, TopTenREVIEWS, has done extensive research on tax software. Here are their top three recommendations for the best tax software available:


1.   TurboTax

TurboTax wins the top spot for its easy-to-use format and consistence in computing highly accurate returns. This software program now offers free personalized tax advice to all its filers, making it even easier for you to confidently file your own taxes year after year.

Accuracy: TurboTax is truly adept at asking the right questions to ensure that you file the most accurate return possible. Even first time filers and those with complicated tax situations can be assured that nothing has been overlooked. One of the best features of this software is its comprehensive calculating ability. Unlike online software that requires you to do some of your own calculations, TurboTax handles all computations within the software, ensuring a more accurate return.

Ease of Use: TurboTax is set up in a guided interview format, providing full explanations of tax laws and concepts as you file your return. This interview format is very helpful in allowing you to discover all the deductions and credits you can claim.

Help & Support: TurboTax offers several ways for you to quickly get the answers you need to all of your tax and technical questions. With online, telephone, and chat support, you can be sure that TurboTax won’t leave you guessing. This software also provides extra guidance for first time filers and provides more experienced users with all the latest tax and investment news.

Cost: To compare the cost of this product and others like it, visit TopTenREVIEWS Online Tax Software Reviews and Comparisons go here.


2.   H&R Block

H&R Block comes in second place for its highly accurate online filing service and its dedication to providing one-on-one tax advice to all its filers. This online software is lauded for its wide range of tax services and its excellent customer service.

Accuracy: H&R Block provides highly accurate online software equipped with double-error checking.  This software can even help you file taxes for previous years to help you catch up on your tax payments.

Ease of Use: H&R Block’s simple guided interview format makes entering all your important tax information easy and ensures precise filing. This service also makes collecting your disbursement simple, with several options available for receiving your money, including direct deposit to your bank account. What really sets H&R apart is its range of local offices, which enable filers to speak to a professional about tax issues in person or online via video conferencing.

Help & Support: Customer service is H&R Block’s specialty. They offer telephone, Internet, and live chat. This year, this online service even allows you to log in to your account through Facebook, making it even easier to access all the information necessary to file an accurate return this tax season.

Cost: To compare the cost of this product and others like it, visit TopTenREVIEWS Online Tax Software Reviews and Comparisons go here.


3. TaxACT

This online tax software takes third place for its simple format, high accuracy returns, and good customer service. TaxACT makes filing your returns easy and affordable with its free federal return filing and low-priced state return filing.

Accuracy: TaxACT ranks high when it comes to accuracy. With this online service, you can rest assured that you will discover all the credits and deductions available for you to claim.

Ease of Use: TaxACT’s guided interview format makes filing your return simple, even if you’re a first time filer. This service provides lots of helpful hints that will enable you to find all the credits and deductions available no matter the complexity of your tax situation. This software also makes it easy to transfer your tax information from a different service.

Help and Support: TaxACT offers internet based support as well as live chat for customers. They also post useful information online to answer tax and technical questions that may arise.

Cost: To compare the cost of this product and others like it, visit TopTenREVIEWS Online Tax Software Reviews and Comparisons go here.

Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth writes about innovative technologies and business trends. She has traveled throughout the Americas in her roles as student, English teacher, Spanish language interpreter and freelance writer. She graduated with a B.A. in International Affairs from the George Washington University. You can follow her on Twitter @techEpalermo or .