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Unwanted Gifts? Stores With the Best Return Policies

return policies . / Credit: Return Packages Image via Shutterstock

When it comes to accepting returns of unwanted gifts, no other retailer beats the return policies at Kohl's. That's the finding of a new poll which rated the Kohl's tops for allowing returns.

"For consumers who went a bit overboard on holiday shopping, or just received gifts they don't feel they can use, understanding the intricacies of popular retailers' return policies makes all the difference in whether they start 2013 off on top or in debt," said Casey Bond, personal finance expert at GoBankingRates which surveyed popular retailers to find those with the best return policies.

Kohl's narrowly beat out online retailer Zappos.com for the top spot. Macys, Target and Nordstrom rounded out the top five.  The full top ten list composed by GoBankingRates includes:

  • Kohl's- The Kohl's return policy   states: "return any item, anytime, for any reason. Have your receipt? You’ll get a full refund or even exchange. No receipt? No problem. We’ll give you a refund, an exchange or Merchandise Credit.”
  • Zappos.com- Zappos allows customers to return all items up to a year from purchase.
  • Macy's- Customers have 180 days to return products to Macy's.
  • Target- Big box retailer Target allows customers 90 days to return most items except electronics which must be returned after 45 days. The store also allows customers to return up to $70 worth of merchandise without identification or a receipt.
  • Nordstrom- There is no time limit on when customers can make returns at Nordstrom.
  • REI- Specialty retailer REI has the following return policy: "If you’re ever dissatisfied with an item, you may return or exchange your REI.com or REI-OUTLET.com purchases at any REI store or through mail order.” 
  • L.L. Bean- L.L. Bean's "Guaranteed to last" policy allows customers to return items  at any point and in any condition.
  • Trader Joe's- Trader Joe's allows customers to return all items, even if they are opened, for a full refund.
  • Whole Foods- Whole Foods will also accept returns on all items even if they are opened or used.
  • Costco- Customers can return items   to Costco at any time without a receipt.

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