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Grow Your Business Social Media

Twitter Begins Placing Ads in Users’ Timelines This Week

Twitter - promoted tweets, social media tips

In a move that will help businesses market to more consumers online, Twitter has begun placing advertisements called “Promoted Tweets” in users’ timelines.

Twitter announced Monday it has started test syndicating these paid-for tweets through social-media dashboard HootSuite.

“We use several signals to determine a Promoted Tweets relevance to a user, including the public list of whom they follow,” Matt Graves, Twitter’s director of communications, posted on the site’s blog. “We will expand the rollout only when we feel we’re delivering a high-quality user experience."

Promoted Tweets started appearing earlier this year but only in searches.

“Since their introduction, users have engaged with Promoted Products on Twitter at rates that far exceed typical forms of online advertising," Graves wrote.

The tweets are different from normal tweets because advertisers pay for them and they are emblazoned with the “Promoted by (company name)” label.

For example, DreamWorks Animation’s Promoted Tweet advertises its upcoming movie, “Megamind.”

“This next phase will bring Promoted Tweets to a wider audience and help even more people discover interesting accounts, people and information they may otherwise have missed,” Graves said.

Twitter doesn’t have pricing information available because it is testing only select advertisers for now. However, Twitter encourages advertisers to provide it with their business information, which the site will hold onto until future roll-outs of the service, here.

{youtube 0l-ivcnLrSc}

What do you think of Promoted Tweets as an advertiser or as a consumer? Leave your comment below.

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