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How Will Workers Fare in 2013?

employee happiness . / Credit: Happy Workers Image via Shutterstock

Will 2013 be the year that American workers start thriving in their jobs? 

Yes, and workers will benefit a great deal from a number of workplace changes, says Carson Tate, founder and managing partner of the management consultancy Working Simply.   

"To thrive in 2013, not just survive, American workers first must realize and then fully embrace that they are at choice," Tate said. "They have the power to make choices to work differently – more simply, more purposefully and more balanced. The smartest companies are those that will give their workers the tools and information they need to make those choices."

In particular, improvements in technology will help to spur many of these changes, Tate said. Technological connectivity will not only allow workers to be able to work from where they want, but it will also help in allowing them to be able to work whenever they want. Tate says that flexibility will allow workers to create their own schedules to fit their needs.

New technology will also change the way workers and companies use offices. Tate believes that increased focus on new technologies will diminish the importance of offices and as a result, the number of people working in traditional offices will continue to decrease.

"There is opportunity for everyone in this rapidly changing, often chaotic environment. However, it is up to each of us to push past our fears of disrupting traditional hierarchies and of failure if we are to find our own opportunities,"  Tate said. "Being bogged down in busy work, looking to 'busyness' to demonstrate our value, will no longer serve us. The most successful people will find a way to embrace efficiency, identify their individual strengths, and move past 'busyness' to a more productive way of working."

To that end, Tate suggests workers attempt to be more productive by taking on projects that will help them reach and accomplish important organizational goals. To accomplish this, Tate says workers must focus on their unique skills and abilities.  

Working Simply is a management consultancy whose mission is to bring productivity with passion back to the American workplace.

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