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Need some help thinking up the next big business? BusinessNewsDaily has seven ideas to help entrepreneurs turn their aspirations into a successful business.

Cash in on e-commerce

business ideas, entrepreneurs
As e-commerce grows, savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunities created by online shopping . One company, Architectural Mailboxes, is doing this by creating products such as their Elephantrunk parcel drop, a large and safe place to receive deliveries.

"UPS estimates it will deliver 527 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012, which would top last year's record of 480 million, driven by e-commerce," said Vanessa Troyer and Chris Farentinos, founders of Architectural Mailboxes. "All signs signal that e-commerce will continue to grow. Forrester Research expects e-retail spending to increase 62 percent by 2016, with consumers spending $327 billion online in 2016."

Take the local route

business ideas, entrepreneurs
Creating a business that serves local markets is another smart way for aspiring business owners to take advantage of a growing market. Hulafrog, a service that provides information about local events to parents, is one business taking advantage of this market.

"It's a very good time if you are serving a niche that has a unique need for local content," said Hulafrog co-founder Sherry Lombardi. "Hulafrog connects parents to all of the daily events and business for kids in their local community.

"Ninety percent of a parent's life happens within just five miles of their home ― playdates, shopping, birthday parties, school, lessons, story times, classes, and just keeping the kids entertained and busy in general. While there are many resources for parents in the top cities, there are few options in the smaller markets. And what parents care about most is not generic community news, but rather the details of daily events, activities, promotions and other resources that are specific to kids and families."

Provide services for the senior

business ideas, entrepreneurs
As population demographics continue to shift, smart business owners can begin to profit by offering services designed to help the elderly. "It’s no secret that the population is aging and people are living longer," said Barbara Steinberg, CEO of BLS Eldercare Financial Solutions, which specializes in providing financial services to families who are trying to work through the monetary issues related to aging and elder care. "I’ve noticed that a very large percentage of our new clients are over 90. Many of these people never expected to live this long, so they are not well-prepared emotionally or financially.

"We focus on the problems encountered by seniors who are suddenly faced with the need for long-term care ― e.g., home care, assisted living or nursing home ― and help solve the financial challenges," said Steinberg. "We help their families develop a plan based on how much they can afford and what their wishes are."

Figure out your best business idea

Figure out your best business idea
Ready to figure out what business idea is best for you? Try our Business Idea Generator. Answer 21 yes-or-no questions and we'll tell you the top business ideas that might work for you. Click here to get started. (Don't worry, it will open in a new window and you won't lose your place in this countdown.)

Make safety cool

business ideas, entrepreneurs
Parents have always want to keep their kids safe, but many savvy entrepreneurs are now focused on also making being careful cool.

"Awareness is growing, laws are evolving and the market is expanding when it comes to the issue of wearing a safety helmet in particular," said Kelly Dineen and Jocelyn Fine, creators of Fohawx, a company that creates accessories for helmets. "There is increasing legislation which requires helmet usage. For example, 22 states have passed bike helmet laws, there are 150 local ordinances requiring helmet usage, and many ski resorts are mandating that children under 12 wear helmets when skiing and snowboarding."

Stand up for schools

business ideas, entrepreneurs
Schoola is a company that offers a Groupon-like service for financially strapped schools by partnering them with businesses, giving them a share of profits on deals from businesses. Schoola, which is in line to raise $13 million for schools, sees privatization of public school funding as a growth opportunity.

"Providing an easy and efficient way for schools to fundraise is becoming critical as they continue to face one budget crisis after another," said Stacey Boyd, CEO and founder of Savvy Source for Parents, the service that launched Schoola. "Starting a business like is allowing schools to seek out a more effective way to raise funds online than traditional fundraising such as bake sales and car washes, which are no longer enough to raise the money needed."

Dress up in high-tech

business ideas, entrepreneurs
As people become more attached to their favorite tech gadgets, enterprising business owners can serve that market by making clothes that integrate tech.

"Technology is rapidly changing the way we make, wear and use our clothes," said Ben Raviv, CEO of tech apparel company Alphyn. "Today we have highly advanced materials available to us, so technology finds its way into things we take for granted. There are great technologies out there that need to find their way into the clothes we wear. And if the designs are solving a basic need through technology, people will buy it."

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