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Consumer Reports Names Naughty and Nice Companies

naughty company . / Credit: Lump of Coal Image via Shutterstock

More than a few businesses belong on the naughty list this year, a new report by Consumer Reports finds. Americans also revealed which companies they think should get points for being nice.

The list of naughty and nice companies was based on the experiences of Consumer Reports' reporters and editors and responses on its Facebook page.  Among the naughtiest companies of 2012 were: 

  • Ticketmaster—The ticket company makes the list for long shipping times, between 10 to 14 days for free snail-mail shipping.  The company offers faster options, but customers will have to pay more for them. Customers also have to pay $2.50 per order to print tickets themselves.
  • Time Warner Cable— The cable and Internet company was named for charging a $3.95 monthly fee to lease a cable modem.
  • BMW— The automaker joins the list for getting rid of its cars' spare tire and jack. BMW cars now come with run-flat tires or a Mobility Kit, which can get you to help after a minor puncture. Other companies following BMW's lead include models from Hyundai, Chevrolet and others.

On the other hand, the following companies got high grades for customer service from Consumer Reports.

  • Home Depot— Home Depot makes the list for its policy that delivers and installs for free any new appliance bought in its stores. Additionally, the company will take away your old appliance without charge.
  • Oxo — The innovative housewares manufacturer offers a no-exceptions pledge on all products.  That pledge allows customers to return all products for replacement or refund, if customers are not satisfied.
  • PNC Bank— In Consumer Reports' survey of 10 banking giants, PNC was the only one to offer a free basic checking account.  What's more, the institution doesn't require customers to maintain a minimum balance to keep this freebie.

"We hope consumers will sound off and speak up, and let the companies they do business with know what they appreciate and what they don't," said Tod Marks, senior editor and resident shopping expert at Consumer Reports. "The purpose of this list is not to knock or commend companies as a whole, but to let consumers know they have choices at a time of year when shopping and spending are in the spotlight.

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