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Microbusinesses Feel Left Out of Election

election . / Credit: Vote Image via Shutterstock

Microbusiness owners feel ignored as the presidential election looms. New research has found that 54 percent of business owners with 10 or fewer employees feel their interests and concerns have not been addressed in the election.

An additional 45 percent of microbusiness owners say neither candidate has a plan to help small business owners. That comes despite the fact that 73 percent of microbusiness owners say the election is important to the future of their business.

With that in mind, 44 percent of microbusiness owners say that the economy is the most important issue in this election. Twenty-two percent of microbusiness owners say they are also worried about taxes on small businesses. Additionally, 18 percent say the cost of health care is their top concern, while 17 percent cite unreasonable government regulations. 

Not surprisingly, nearly half of small business owners say they will vote for a candidate based on what they will do for small business. Just 20 percent of small business owners say they are still undecided on the election. 

"Although small business owners have expressed concern regarding the upcoming election and how it will affect their business, the survey results indicated that they continue to be optimistic about their companies' performances and revenue growth," said Don LeBlanc, chief marketing officer for Vistaprint, which conducted the research. "It is always encouraging to see that based on our traditional survey questions, small business owners are happy running their own businesses and that the majority of these businesses are on track to reach their revenue goals for the year."

The information in this research was based on the responses of 1,500 business owners with 10 or fewer employees. 

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