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Grow Your Business Security

Top 3 Ways Businesses Can Thwart Cyber Theft

Many small businesses this month were among the victims of international cybercriminals who stole $70 million from bank accounts primarily in the United States.

The hackers used malware to snag bank account numbers and passwords, according the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Many of the victims lacked computer security.

“Business owners are prime targets for attackers now, especially smaller businesses without trained security staff,” Dennis Fisher, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab, told BusinessNewsDaily.

Fisher revealed three ways business owners can thwart cyber-attacks:

Update Automatically: Turn on automatic updates for operating systems, software programs and web browsers for all of your employees’ computers. This will keep their applications patched automatically and prevent many attacks.

Trust Few: Rely on the principle of least privilege. Only give administrator rights to select highly trusted users and restrict all others to only user rights on operating systems.

Pick One Computer: Set up one computer that you use exclusively for online banking and bill payment. Do no other web browsing, e-mail or tasks on that computer and restrict use to one or two people.

“Attackers use a variety of tactics, including phony wire transfers and highly targeted phishing attacks, to go after business bank accounts,” Fisher said.

“If owners don't remain vigilant about their company’s weaknesses and the current threats, they become easy targets.”

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