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Grow Your Business Social Media

Farmers Use Social Media to Talk Turkey...and Carrots and...

Though not typically thought of as the most technically advanced business owners, it turns out that farmers and ranchers are tending to more than crops. They’re using social media to cultivate customers, according to recent findings by the American Farm Bureau.

Farmers and ranchers are turning to social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate directly with the public to help ease concerns about food safety, establish a better level of trust and improve public opinion about their farming methodologies, according to the survey that was published in this month's edition of Food Nutrition & Science.

"This topic is fascinating and represents the future of the food industry where growers and food manufacturers have a direct conversation with their consumers — cutting out the middle person albeit the media or food processors—through social media sites," said Phil Lempert, founder of Food Nutrition & Science and CEO of The Lempert Report and SupermarketGuru.com. "This way, consumers get to know the people growing their food. It's an integral part of sustainability and every issue of Food Nutrition and Science offers these types of stories that provide a unique perspective on the food industry."