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How We Saved Our Business From Thieves

How We Saved Our Business From Thieves

Most small business owners think their biggest challenges will be finding customers and paying the bills. But, for some — especially businesses that specialize in selling inventory with high resale value — security can be an even bigger concern. Having a small business security system in place is essential.

Small Dog Electronics, a New England-based Apple specialist with three retail stores, has experienced both successful and attempted break-ins, and even had to deal with recent a cyber attack on the its servers.

Rebecca Kraemer, lead security manager for the retailer, discussed how Small Dog responded.

What were some of the measures Small Dog took to improve physical security?

We take security very seriously, especially with the high-ticket items that we carry. We use HD cameras that can be monitored by everyone in the company, 24 hours a day. We have advanced locking systems in all locations, especially for secure areas. We keep expensive items, and our own servers, in specially locked areas that only a select few employees can access. We also use advanced alarm systems with infrared, motion detectors and multiple fail-safes.

In addition, our most secure areas feature special doors and windows equipped with heavy-duty bars. We also employ an overnight security guard as an additional set of eyes. This, along with a staff well trained in loss prevention, creates our best defense.

Did these measure work?

There is no infallible physical security. One of the best things our security measures can do is to slow thieves down and help us identify and catch them. In our last break-in, our security did just that. The thieves were slowed down by our doors and advanced locks, and left empty-handed. We were also able to identify them and hand over footage to the police. So, yes, we're very happy with our systems and are always looking for further improvements.

Do you have a formal security plan?

I can't tell you the exact details, but there's a chain of command for who is notified and what action is taken.

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