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‘Unsocial’ Spurs Serendipitous Networking for Business People

lonely, solitary
Credit: Businessman image via Shutterstock

A new mobile application wants business professionals to get “Unsocial” to be social. Nothing like its name implies, Unsocial is designed to inspire in-person networking.

The free application for Android and iPhone dubs itself the offspring of LinkedIn, Foursquare and Match.com because of its location-based system that matches users with like-minded business people during conferences and other big events.

“This tool … improves your awareness of the professionals around you and will help you become a vital part of the business community,” wrote Unsocial, a Seattle-based startup created by Santosh Khare, Kiran Modak and Justin Richardson, on its sign-up screen.

When users click on “People” on the homepage, the application shows nearby people it thinks you should meet based on the information in their profiles.

Unsocial launched this week at the DiscoveryBeat conference in San Francisco. Developers plan to expand to other U.S. cities soon.

{youtube UNpbULX-Kgc}

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