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Small Business Owner Wants Next President to Work With Congress

voting . / Credit: Vote Image via Shutterstock

To get a pulse of how small business owners will be voting in the election, BusinessNewsDaily spoke with several business owners to see which issues are most important to them and who they will be voting for on Election Day.  

Scott DiGiammarino is the founder and CEO of Reel Potential, a company that uses Hollywood movie clips and edit them into videos to inspire and engage business leaders. Reel Potential, which is based in Virginia, has two full-time employees and 12 subcontractors.     

BusinessNewsDaily: Can you give some information about your business?

Scott DiGiammarino: Reel Potential works mostly with medium to large sized organizations who are trying to help their employees and leaders maximize their true potential.  We find that the clips make the messages "stickier" so the employees can make better, principle based decisions, especially when the boss isn't around.

Presently, we're the only company, in the history of Hollywood, to have legal access to clips for business purposes. We work with senior leadership to help define the theme, and support the message by leveraging the clip asset via weekly emails or for online training and development.

BND: Which candidate will you vote for?

SD:  I am undecided.

BND: What issues are most important to you as a business owner?

SD: To me, the most important issue is economic growth. I spent 25 years as a senior executive in the financial services industry.  When I left, I chose to start my own business which focuses on medium to large sized organizations and government entities.  What I found was that there was one single common denominator between all three segments...and that's fear of the future and the certainty of uncertainty.

In order for our country to move forward and thrive, people will have to become innovative, daring and confident. If our economy stays stagnant, then I'm afraid that those leaders will lose hope and hold back.  As I'm out there...I'm seeing and hearing that most companies have no room for error and many are hesitating in making creative and bold decisions.  And if that continues, then our recovery will take much longer than everybody wants. 

BND: Do you believe that any president can help improve the economy? 

SD: I believe that if any president can work hand in hand with Congress, then yes, the economy can improve dramatically. They would have a common vision, a plan of action, clarity on roles, and most importantly, they would provide hope and direction for the American people, who are in desperate need of inspiration.   But, if they continue to battle, and not be aligned, then I'm not as confident.

BND: Do you think that either candidate has a real plan for improving things for your business? 

SD: I actually think both have a real plan.  It's not a question of intent. It's a question of execution.

BND: What do you think of Obamacare and how does it affect your business?

SD: I have mixed feelings about Obamacare.  I can see both sides of the debate. But it hasn't affected my business given the size of my organization.

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