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Holiday Wishes: Peace, Happiness and a Laptop

Well, if you can’t have world peace, at least you can have a laptop. And, apparently, that would be almost good enough for most Americans.

The desire for peace and happiness topped the list of responses in a recent survey asking adults what gifts they would like for the holidays. But, a notebook/laptop came in second, with an iPad, eReader and video game system also making the top ten list of overall gift wishes.

When asked specifically which consumer electronics they wanted as holiday gifts, the laptop lead the list, followed by an iPad, an iPod, a video game system, a digital camera and a big screen tv rounding out the top five.

The survey, conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), found that consumers expect to spend a total of $750 on holiday gifts, down two percent from last year. They will, however, spend more on consumer electronics gifts this year than ever before. Consumers estimate they will spend $232 on consumer electronics gifts, up five percent from last year.

“Giving electronics as a holiday gift, either to a loved one or to yourself, is more popular than ever,” said Steve Koenig, CEA’s director of industry analysis. “Not only are three in four adults planning to give [consumer electronics] as a gift this year, but more consumers want electronics as a gift for themselves, demonstrating that electronics will be the must-have gifts of the season.”