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Mobile Tech Adds to Business Owners' Hours … and Productivity

worker productivity . / Credit: Productivity Image via Shutterstock

Anyone who has dreamed of being the boss may soon reconsider after seeing new research.  In that study, small business owners reported working more hours, including more hours at night and during the weekends and taking less vacation time than they did five years ago.

The driving force behind these longer hours has been the growing availability of mobile technologies. And surprisingly, despite the longer hours, many business owners were in favor of  mobile tech.  In fact, 84 percent of respondents said that mobile technologies have improved their productivity.  

 Nearly 80 percent of business owners said they use a mobile device to access work information while they are away from the office.  The most popular devices used were smartphones and laptops, which were used by more than 80 percent of business owners.  Nearly 40 percent of business owners reported using tablets. 

[Small-Biz Owners are Stressed and Tired, But Still Optimistic]

Overall, businesses use these mobile devices to keep up with emails and update their schedules and contact lists.  Small business owners also used mobile devices for banking and sales and marketing.    

The information in this research was based on the responses of 258 small business owners.  The research was conducted by Sage. 

Sage Research Reinvention of Small Business Infographic Credit: Sage Research

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