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Super Fans: 6,000 Visits and a Wedding

Super Fans: 6,000 Visits and a Wedding Bill Woodland has eaten at his local 5 & Diner more than 6,000 times. / Credit: 5 & Diner

Every love a business so much that you become obsessed? You're not the only one. Brand "fanatics" are more common that you'd think. They range from people who love to rave about their favorite restaurant to folks who are downright obsessive.

Here are five brand fanatics who've taken their love of their local restaurants just a little farther than most.

Bill Woodland – He started eating at Schlotzsky’s deli in 2008 for lunch. He also started collecting their to-go bags. Recently, he walked into his local Schlotzsky’s and returned nearly 250 bags.

"I realized that the bags were recycleable, and, not having a recycle bin nearby, I began stacking them up in my cubicle," Pinkham said. "Then it kind of got to be a game. After I had about 100 of them, I stuffed 80 bags into one bag, later did the same thing."

Ross Boyd  –This unwavering brand fanatic has eaten over 6,200 straight meals at the original 5 & Diner restaurant in Phoenix, Ariz. He even has the total number of visits written on his arm at all times. He even drives through the parking lot on Christmas Day (one of the few days of the year 5 & Diner is closed) just to say he was there.

Jack and Tricia Minshall – These avid brand fanatics decided to take their devotion to one step further and got married at their favorite date spot, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, in Newport, Ken., at the stroke of midnight on St. Patrick’s Day 2011. Green beer and chicken wings were served at the reception.

Manfredi Family– Since 1990, the Manfredi family has been spending every birthday at their local Margaritas, beginning in Mystic, Conn., and now in Portsmouth, N.H.. It helps since the daughter was born on the father’s birthday, which also happened to be the parent’s anniversary, and the youngest son was born on the mother’s birthday! Their daughter now has a job working at a Margaritas.