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Grow Your Business Technology

The iTwin Takes Fear Out of Networking

Networked iTwins . / Credit: Networked iTwins image courtesy of iTwins

You can create your own small-business network accessible from any computer around the globe without making massive investments in hardware or IT consulting. It's a simple as plug and play.

All you need is a base computer and a low-cost iTwin USB device for each remote user that has received the free "Multi" software upgrade.  It lets you connect through USB bases to up to 20 iTwin users with a base computer to create a plug-and-play secure file-sharing network. Best of all, no IT feathers need to be ruffled to set up this network.

The iTwin, which looks like two USB flash drives joined at the hip, consists of two identical halves. One serves as a home base while the other becomes its traveling twin when they are separated.

Unlike standard USB flash drives, there are no size constraints. When the second twin is removed, a user can plug it into any computer anywhere and access, back up, copy or edit the first twin's files. When both halves are online, what's dropped and dragged into one is immediately available to the other.

Your data are always safe, according to iTwin marketing executive Brian Chamberlain,  because nothing is stored on the device itself, making it more secure than cloud storage and remote-access software solutions. The iTwin employs military-grade encryption, and only the two halves know the key.

[Use at Your Own Risk, P2P File-Sharing Networks]

The iTwin uses Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for authentication and encrypted file transmission.

ITwin Multi is an extension of iTwin for remote file access. It provides drag-and-drop file transfer, limitless file sharing, remote file editing, data security, and cross-platform file access and sharing. It also allows you to set file permissions.

If the separated half is lost or stolen, iTwin has a proprietary remote disable feature that will protect your files. And unlike the case with many paired devices, the remaining half of the iTwin does not become useless when its mate is lost; replacement halves are available. When the new half is joined to the orphan, a new encryption key is generated that allows them to function as twins.

The iTwin supports Microsoft Windows 7, XP, Vista and Mac OS X versions 10.6 and later, making it a complete cross-platform device. "Multi" is backwards- compatible with existing iTwin devices.

The iTwin costs $99 and replacement halves are available for $49.99, Chamberlain said. 

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