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Surprising Job Interview Questions That Are Against the Law

Surprising Job Interview Questions That Are Against the Law   / Credit: Job Interview image via Shutterstock

Most job candidates prepare themselves for any and all potential interview questions. But not all questions are fair game. In fact, a lot of them can get the hiring company in a lot of trouble.

According to online legal service, Rocket Lawyer, what's legal and what's not may not be as obvious as it seems. Here is a list of questions that are not allowed to be asked in your next job interview.

1.     Where’s your accent from?

2.     Can we take your picture to include with your application?

3.     Do you prefer Ms., Mrs. or Miss?

4.     Are you married? What does your husband do?

5.     How tall are you?

6.     Are you Muslim? How often do you pray during business hours?

7.     How many kids do you have? How old are they? Do you plan to have more children?

8.     Do you think our receptionist is attractive?

9.     Do you make a habit of accusing employers of sexual assault/discrimination?

10.   You smell like alcohol, have you been drinking?

11.   Are you religious?

12.   Have you ever been arrested?

13.   Have you ever received workers' compensation?

14.   Where do you go to church?