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Americans Would Rather Gain Weight Than Take on Debt

weight loss Credit: Scale image via Shutterstock

A majority of Americans say they would rather gain weight than take on more debt.  That is the finding of new research, which found that 78 percent of people would choose to gain 10 pounds of extra weight over adding $10,000 in debt. When increased to adding 50 extra pounds, almost half of respondents, 46 percent, would still choose the added weight.

According to the poll conducted by Yahoo! Health and Reader's Digest, more than two in five adults are currently trying to lose weight while 62 percent of respondents said they have tried to lose weight in the past five years.

[Exercise is Good for Your Health and Your Career]

The poll also found that money and work were related to weight loss in other ways. Many people used their jobs and their finances as excuses for not working out. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they couldn't afford a gym membership and didn't have workout equipment and another 18 percent said work was more important than their workouts.

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer David Mielach at Dmielach@techmedianetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter @D_M89.

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