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Florida Outshines Rest of US in Job Postings

job search . / Credit: Dreamstime.com

Florida is often thought of as the perfect vacation destination, but it may be an even better place to find a job. 

According to new research by job search engine Simply Hired, the Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Fla., metro areas experienced a 10.2 percent and 6.5 percent jump in job postings in the past month.  Nationwide, those cities experienced the biggest and third biggest increase in job postings for the top 50 metro areas in the United States.

Overall, 30 of the top 50 U.S. cities increased job postings in February; however, three unemployed persons still remain for every one job opening, according to the Simply Hired Employment Outlook.  Austin, Texas, followed Miami/Fort Lauderdale with a 7.7 percent growth in job openings. Detroit with a growth of 5.4 percent and Houston with a growth of 5.2 percent rounded out the top five.  Other cities with significant increases in the number of job openings in the past month included:

  • West Palm Beach, Fla. (4.9 percent growth)
  • Phoenix (3.9 percent growth)
  • San Antonio (3.8 percent growth)
  • St. Louis (3.4 percent growth)
  • San Diego (3.3 percent growth)

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Job seekers in Pittsburgh, Pa., Greensboro, N.C., and Grand Rapids, Mich., were not as fortunate, as those cities experienced the biggest decreases in job openings over the past month.  Job openings in those cities dropped 10.9 percent, 7.2 percent and 7.1 percent, respectively, month-to-month.       

The research also found that job openings in 16 of 18 industries increased in February, led by a 20.6 percent increase in the number of agriculture jobs and a 14.4 percent increase in government job postings. Retail jobs with a decrease of 6.3 percent and transportation jobs with a decrease of 4.1 percent were the only industries to experience a drop.  

"As we've noted before, the job market is becoming truly stable for the first time since the recession began in December 2007," said Gautam Godhwani, CEO of SimplyHired.com. "It's encouraging to see employment numbers hold steady. We expect real growth to occur in the coming months."

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer David Mielach at Dmielach@techmedianetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter @D_M89.

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