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Small Business Wish List: Tax Relief, Financing & New Markets

smb owner poll SAGE North America Infographic / Credit: SAGE North America

Small-business owners have spoken and they want tax relief and access to capital. That is the finding of a new poll in which 86 percent of small-business owners felt tax relief would help their business. Additionally, 74 percent of business owners felt that improved access to capital would greatly help their business. 

Those feelings speak to the fact that many small-business owners believe the high cost of doing business, along with high taxes and government regulations, continues to negatively affect their growth. Following tax relief and access to capital, small-business owners believed the following moves would help spur their growth:

  • 68 percent of small-business owners want tax breaks for creating jobs in America.
  • 59 percent want immediate cuts to payroll taxes.
  • 58 percent want reduced red tape for construction projects.
  • 51 percent want trade enforcement deterring unfair practices in foreign economics.
  • 51 percent want job training in industries for the future.
  • 47 percent want tax disincentives against businesses that create businesses overseas.
  • 31 percent want clean energy credits.

“Small businesses comprise one of the largest constituencies and generate more jobs than any other sector of the United States economy," said Connie Certusi, general manager of Sage Small Business Accounting, which conducted the survey. "While there are signs of improvement in the economy, small businesses still perceive obstacles in their way to achieving renewed growth. The survey showed that taxes, regulation and access to financing remain key concerns for small business owners.”

[Going Global May Be Key to Future Success for Small Businesses]

Despite those numerous challenges and concerns, a majority of small-business owners plan on seeking out new markets in the coming year, as that is the top priority for 59 percent of business owners. Additionally, 53 percent of owners want to invest more money in marketing and trying to increase sales. Surprisingly, only 10 percent of respondents planned on seeking out professional business advice when looking to improve their growth in 2012.  Additional ways in which business owners hope to grow in the current year include:

  • Focusing on cost containment (40 percent)
  • Introducing new products (30 percent)
  • Investing in technology (29 percent)

The information in this poll was the result of 539 small-business owners. The information was collected by Sage North America.

Reach BusinessNewsDaily staff writer David Mielach at Dmielach@techmedianetwork.com. Follow him on Twitter @D_M89.

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