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They Said It: Jeremy Lin a 'Marketing Dream'

They Said It: Jeremy Lin a 'Marketing Dream' . / Credit: NBA.com

"Jeremy Lin is a marketing dream come true. If somebody had a checklist of what a brand should be, Jeremy Lin hits every one." – Ronn Torossian, chief executive of New York-based 5W Public Relations, to CNN about New York Knicks' phenomenon, Jeremy Lin.

"It has been only 10 days since the Harvard graduate was called off the bench, immediately becoming the Knicks' unlikely savior," CNN's Khara Lewin writes. "In his first game, he scored 25 points to help his team beat the New Jersey Nets, and last Friday, his 38 points outscored Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers for another Knicks win. New York media have dubbed the phenomenon 'Linsanity,' and the previously unknown economics major has exploded on social media, reaching more than 300,000 followers on Twitter."

"They Said It" is a regular BusinessNewsDaily featured designed to bring you the most interesting business quotes from around the world of politics, entertainment, sports and pop culture.