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Three Job Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer


If you're planning on heading to a job interview any time soon, it might not be as difficult to prepare as you might think. That's the word from George Bradt, managing director of the global executive of consulting firm PrimeGenesis, who argues that there are really only three main job interview questions you need to be able to answer. All the other questions are just variations on the main three.

Those questions, according to Bradt are as follows:

·         Can you do the job? 

·         Will you love the job? 

·         Can we tolerate working with you? 

If you can answer those, you'll be ready.

These questions determine a candidate’s strengths, motivation and fit respectively, and while they might be phrased in different ways, every interview question is a subset of the three, Bradt said.

"Prepare by thinking through examples that illustrate your strengths, what motivates you about the organization and role you’re interviewing for, and the fit between your own preferences and the organization’s behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and environment," Bradt said.

Bradt expands on his job interview questions in his Forbes.com coIumn.

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