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Grow Your Business Sales & Marketing

10 Ways to Make the Most of Sales Leads

10 Ways to Make the Most of Sales Leads . / Credit: © Iqoncept | Dreamstime.com

As exciting as new leads are, old leads should not be forgotten. Marketers spend time, money, and resources on each lead that enters the pipeline, but many times they are pushed to the side when a new lead is introduced. Act-On Software, makers of a cloud-based marketing automation platforms, has compiled a list of 10 tips for effectively recycling leads.

Your prospects are checking you out and you don’t even know it

Know what your prospects are saying, how they’re finding you, and what their interests are. Conversations and searches get old – it’s all about real-time intelligence. If they’re on your website, then they’re there for a reason. Shed light on exactly who they are and give sales a chance to engage.

Grab their attention

Your company's website can make the difference between getting noticed and being ignored. Understand which web pages draw the most traffic and which don’t and adjust accordingly. Give visitors a reason to move from just a visit to interacting by providing multiple calls to action.

Be approachable and personable

Don't be a wallflower. Let your company's unique personality and expertise shine through. Put a name and face on your company with your website, as well as the social conversations you spark. Respond with warmth and immediacy.

They're talking about you – are you listening?

Bring the voice of your future customers directly into your business and hear what they're saying about your competitors, your industry, and issues that are important to them. Pay attention to your website; know who visited, what they searched for, and how they found you.

Be where the action is

Know where your prospects are hanging out and make sure you're a part of it. Broadcast key messages across multiple social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and provide compelling web content that makes you the center of attention.

Be the perfect conversationalist

You wouldn't walk into the middle of a dinner party and start shouting about things that only you want to discuss. Follow the conversation, engage, and add value – just don’t be that annoying guest that talks too much about nothing.

Make new friends

If a person chooses to engage with you using social media, respond to them. You wouldn't walk away from someone who was trying to talk to you at a party, would you? This is common courtesy, and a good way to build your network.

Give your sales team something to talk about

Engaging in social media conversations and with website visitors is one thing. Giving your sales team an arsenal of prospect data that sheds light on interests and levels of engagement is the real power that takes the relationship to the next level.

Lean on your friends to help you out

Encourage partner participation to increase your overall ecosystem and bring additional points of view to your message and traffic to your site. Identify digital influencers and partner with them to generate positive word-of-mouth about your brand.

Manage your social calendar effectively

Manage social media in conjunction with other existing campaigns. This will show the true value of the tool by illustrating that social media combined with other marketing tactics can create an outcome far greater than the sum of its parts.

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