9 Great Gifts for Gadget Lovers

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Belkin Conserve Valet, $39.99

Dear Santa, I’m a busy worker, one who isn’t a fan of coal. I like gadgets. Please give me one – or many – this gift-giving season.  If you do, I promise to behave, which would be easy seeing as gadgets will make my hectic workdays much less stressful and me much less irritable. Sincerely, (Insert your name), the world’s hardest-working worker BusinessNewsDaily knows how hard you’ve worked this year, so treat yourself to one or all nine of the reasonably priced gadgets we’ve chosen to help improve your life in 2011. Or share this wish list (and the letter above) with a spouse, parent, sibling, co-worker or boss. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll step in and be your Santa, delivering these electronic goodies and accessories to you before year’s end. Well, you can’t have gadgets without power. Snag this energy-efficient charger to juice up the other gadgets you bought this year or hope to receive soon. The Valet charges up to four devices at once and frees up wall outlets in your home or office. And when all batteries fill to capacity or you unplug every gadget, the Valet shuts off (yes, even standby power), saving energy and subsequently trimming your electric bill. “It used to be that a businessperson would come home from a long day and empty the change from their pockets into a dish on the dresser. Today our pockets are heavier” because of the multiple devices we carry, Conserve general manager Kevin Ashton told BusinessNewsDaily. “The great thing about the Conserve Valet is that it lets you charge up to four devices at once, and it senses when a new device is added, assuring you that your devices will be fully charged and ready to go when you are.” The Valet is compatible with most cell phones, music players and other hand-held gadgets.