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Mind Your Business: You Had a Dream...

Mind Your Business: You Had a Dream... Credit: Photo Credit: Karl Tate

It's the day we've designated to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or more importantly, to remember the change he managed to effect through his work to bring about social justice.

As a business owner, too busy keeping your head above water, these kinds of holidays often serve as nothing more than another headache. Another day your employees want off. Another day you'll bear the brunt of the workload.

As a business owner, too often, your very need for survival outweighs all else – holidays, weekends, family, planning ahead for your business. All these things fall by the wayside as you struggle each day just to keep the wheels in motion and try not to veer off into an entrepreneurial ditch.

The problem with this is more than just the obvious. Yes, your family is probably annoyed and yes, you probably look older than your years, but more importantly, you're cheating yourself out of the very experience you signed up for when you decided to go into business for yourself.

Remember back when you first starting planning to start a business of your own? What enticed you most? Pretty good odds the word "freedom" got tossed around  quite a bit. "Be my own boss" was probably in there, too. "Never need to ask for time off when I need to go to the doctor or spend time with my family," was probably another one.

In reality, though, how much freedom do you have? Have you become your own boss only to treat yourself badly? Do you ever take off the time or slow down enough to enjoy the freedoms you'd hoped your business would afford you?

If not, you're not getting the experience you'd hoped for when you decided to become an entrepreneur. It's not too late to make a change. While Martin Luther King fought for big freedoms and big justices, your own personal freedom is important, too.

Instead of spending today stewing about how much work you have to do, why not spend it thinking about how you can change your work life to create an existence that is both professionally productive and personally enjoyable? Call it a New Year's resolution of a different sort. A MLK-inspired grab at the dream you forgot you once had.

Jeanette Mulvey is the managing editor of BusinessNewsDaily. She has written about small business for more than 20 years and formerly owned her own e-commerce business. Her column, Mind Your Business, appears on Mondays only on BusinessNewsDaily. You can follow her on Twitter at @jeanettebnd or contact her via e-mail  jmulvey@techmedianetwork.com.

Jeanette Mulvey

Jeanette has been writing about business for more than 20 years. She has written about every kind of entrepreneur from hardware store owners to fashion designers. Previously she was a manager of internal communications for Home Depot. Her journalism career began in local newspapers. She has a degree in American Studies from Rutgers University. Follow her on Twitter @jeanettebnd.

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