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Grow Your Business Sales & Marketing

27 PR Opportunities You Might Be Missing

27 PR Opportunities You Might Be Missing

Looking for a way to get your company mentioned in the media? There are more opportunities than you might think. The trick, according to John Sternal, co-founder of Sternal Consulting, a PR and marketing consultancy, is to know how to tie your company's story into an event or subject of broader interest.

To help small-business owners do that, Sternal's website, Understandingmarketing.com , has launched a new monthly feature that helps you identify possible PR opportunities.

This month, the site features 27 ideas the media might currently be working on, with suggestions for stories to contribute. The first five are featured below. The remainder can be found on Sternal's site .

1: Apple and Apricots Month -A bakery offers delectable recipes to the local newspaper food section on new ways to use apples and apricots in home baking.

2: Artichoke and Asparagus Month -A local restaurant or chef may use a similar approach talking about artichokes and asparagus. Or perhaps a chef can talk about ways to get kids to try or eat artichokes and asparagus.

3: Bath Safety Month -A plumbing company or baby-proofing expert can talk about bath safety for infants, kids or even senior citizens.

4: Be Kind to Food Servers Month -A restaurant can do a story on "Server Rage," or ways to be more kind to your server, and showcase how hard they work to make your dining experience more enjoyable.

5: Birth Defects Month -This is an excellent chance for a pediatrician to offer up some information and tips on birth defects.

For the remainder of the list, visit Understandmarketing.com.

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