3 Technologies Employees Will Soon Demand

Businesses soon will be forced to adapt the ways they do business to meet the demands of customers and employees who are becoming increasingly used to living in an always-connected world.

That's the latest word from technology research firm Gartner, which reveals three key technologies companies will soon have to provide for employees and customers. Those technologies are:

  • In-car Internet access
  • Internal search engines that are based on video or audio phrases instead of typed words
  • A tablet computer

"Many industry business models will be challenged through 2015 as customers continue to adopt an always-connected digital lifestyle and market competitors exploit emerging technologies to achieve business growth and success," said Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Cloud computing and social media will also drive many business changes. The report found that, by 2015, new external social Web and cloud-based services will generate 25 percent of consumer-driven banking products and services, and 30 percent of smart grid projects will leverage cloud services to address big data from converging technologies.

"Cloud computing and social media will continue to provide industries with new avenues for effective customer communication and engagement, facilitating increased revenue and sustainable interaction with key customers," Harris-Ferrante said.

The proliferation of tablets will also precipitate change among industries, according to the research, which found that by 2013, iPad penetration among pharmaceutical sales reps will reach 85 percent, shifting emphasis to applications that improve delivery and interaction tracking.

"New technologies such as media tablets and advances in mobile will have a disruptive impact on many industries, requiring changes to existing processes and propelling business transformation," Harris-Ferrante said.