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5 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Build Your Business

5 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Build Your Business Credit: Dreamstime.com

While your competition is kicking back and enjoying the holidays, you should be making the most of the holiday season to thank your employees, cement relationships with customers and start thinking about your plans for the new year.

Mike Broderick is the CEO of Turning Technologies, a company that provides audience response systems, offers BusinessNewsDaily readers four tips on how they can leverage the holidays to get a jump on 2012.

Enhance relationships.The holidays are an ideal time to enhance relationships. Business leaders can use the season to strengthen connections with their employees, customers and communities.

Create a merry company culture. If you're committed to building an ownership culture within your company, the holiday season is a great time to reinforce that message. As a business owner, you can improve employee morale and dedication by using the year end and your company's holiday celebration to reflect on employee achievements and present awards and bonuses.

Talk about the future.It's also an excellent time to provide an overview of future plans and build excitement about company initiatives that will be launched in the upcoming year.

Stuff customers' stockings with savings. Building and maintaining positive, productive customer relationships is important all year. But the holidays provide additional opportunities to reach out to customers with personal greetings. You can also provide savings opportunities that attract customer interest and build new business. For example, a $100 gift card redeemable for company products and services is not only a great token of appreciation for a valued customer, it's an opportunity to reap additional profits since customers are likely to make purchases well beyond the amount you provide as a gift.

Spread the holiday spirit within your community. Community ties are an important business asset, and the holidays offer many opportunities to strengthen local connections. Depending on the activities available at your location, you could participate in local holiday decorating contests or sponsor municipal New Year's Eve celebrations. A holiday gift tree – in which employees show their community spirit by buying presents to be donated to families in need – is another great way to spread holiday cheer and make a real difference.

Reinforce connections.A persistent theme throughout the holiday season is the importance of connections – with family, friends and neighbors. Connections are an important part of any successful business, and by reaching out to staff, customers and your community, you can strengthen those ties. It’s a great way to improve your business, but it’s also an excellent way to give back to the people who make your enterprise a success all year long.

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