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The Happiest Companies in America Revealed

happy-face-employee Credit: Dreamstime

Looking for a new job for the new year? Before you start your search, here's a list of the happiest companies to work for.

To help, job-search website and online forum, CareerBliss, with the help of over-100,000 independent employee-generated reviews collected in 2011, has ranked the 50 Happiest

Companies for 2012. These reviews took into account factors such as work-life balance, relationships with bosses and co-workers and overall job environment in companies to complete the rankings.

Hilton Worldwide and its 130,000 employees tops the 2012 survey for the happiest company. The rest of the Top 10 for 2012 includes:

1)    Hilton Worldwide
2)    Fluor
3)    Johnson & Johnson
4)    Nordstrom
5)    BASF
6)    Centex
7)    United States Air Force
8)    Fidelity Investments
9)    Ericsson
10)    Chevron

"We are proud to honor the top companies in America who clearly understand that, even in a tough economy, their employees are integral to their success," said Heidi Golledge, co-founder of CareerBliss. "The companies on our list each have a strong emphasis on keeping their employees happy, as evidenced by their incredibly positive reviews in all facets of employee happiness including work-life balance and career growth."

Notably absent from the list was Google, the number-one-ranked company in last year's poll.  The rest of the top 50 for 2012 includes:

11)    Pfizer
12)    Credit Suisse
13)    United States Department of Defense
14)    Qualcomm
15)    Apple
16)    Tata Consultancy Services
17)    ManpowerGroup
18)    Kraft Foods
19)    Hyatt Hotels
20)    United States Navy
21)    Boston Scientific
22)    CBS Broadcasting
23)    IBM
24)    American Express
25)    United States Marine Corps
26)    Wipro Technologies
27)    NASA
28)    Bristol-Myers Squibb
29)    Deutsche Bank
30)    Warner Bros.
31)    Eli Lilly and Company
32)    Morgan Stanley
33)    Merrill Lynch
34)    United States Army
35)    Intel
36)    Kelly Services
37)    Texas Instruments
38)    Merck
39)    Baxter International
40)    Infosys Technologies
41)    Walt Disney
42)    Nokia
43)    AstraZeneca
44)    Norte
45)     PwC
46)    Prudential
47)    Ally Financial
48)    Army National Guard
49)    First Data
50)    AvayaU.S. Military Beats Out Disney as Happy Place to Work