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Mobile Users 'Chomping' at Bit to Buy

mobile-app-art-11101102   / Credit: Dreamstime.com


Based on their Internet searches for Android and iOS apps, it looks like this will be a healthy season for both buying and savings for mobile users. Web users searched for “shopping” and “discounts” significantly after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season, a new report shows. Query traffic for the terms spiked about 12 to 30 times above normal on Black Friday and stayed consistent over the long weekend before bottoming out after Cyber Monday.

"Free" was again the top search term during the entire month of November across all countries sampled on Android, based on monthly research on consumer search trends for Android and Apple iOS apps conducted by Chomp, an app search engine.

In the Android platform, Chomp said, 84 percent of searches were made by app function such as "adventure games" or "books," and 16 percent of searched included the actual app name. On the iOS platform, 83 percent of searches were made by app function and 17 percent by the app name.

The top five Android apps searched during November were "Dropbox," "eBay," "Handcent SMS," "Movies" and "WhatsApp Messenger." The top iOS apps for the same month were "Tunein Radio," "Instagram," "Zombie Highway," "TuneWiki" and "Doodle Jump."

On Android, larger categories such as games, utilities and music increased their category share by at least 1 percent, while books, finance and sports saw small decreases in their shares. For iOS, games decreased their share from 32.6 percent to 31.7 percent and social networking decreased from 7.1 percent to 5.5 percent. Lifestyle apps saw a small uptick from 5.2 percent to 6.1 percent.