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New App Lets Businesses Deepen Customer Facebook Engagement


Facebook pages offer businesses a way to engage with customers that is authentic, easy and inexpensive. But it can be a one-way street if customers and prospects don’t have a way to interact with a business. There's a new app that paves the way for deeper customer engagement by letting businesses offer live support on their Facebook pages.

VeriShow, a cloud-based live support and collaboration platform for websites, now offers a live support service for Facebook pages that allows businesses to communicate with their customers using live chat, video conferencing and real-time content sharing.

The application can help businesses use their Facebook pages as a platform to provide customer support, help for online sales and assistance in engaging with Facebook visitors, the company says.

The application also adds a live help button to a company's Facebook page that takes users to a dedicated help page where they can chat, talk and see content that a company or its agents share with them in real time.

To add live support to their Facebook pages, a business needs to have an existing VeriShow account or create a new one. Premium accounts for small businesses range from $49 per operator per month to $89 per operator per month. A free version with limited functionality is also available for personal use.