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Email and Facebook Rank High as Customer Communication Tools

telephone-11112302 Credit: Dreamstime.com


Facebook is making lots of friends among small-business owners.  According to new research, Facebook is the fourth most popular way for small businesses interact with their customers.

According to research by Constant Contact, an email marketing firm, 70 percent of small businesses rely on Facebook to interact with customers , according to a report on eMarketer.

The other most popular methods of communicating with customers were email  (97 percent), face-to-face meetings (81 percent) and phone interaction ( 74 percent).

Facebook beat out all other social-media sites in by a wide margin, according to the research.

  • 46 percent of respondents utilized Twitter to interact with customers.
  • 37 percent felt LinkedIn was a good means to interact with customers.
  • 25 percent used YouTube for the same reason.
  • 11 percent took advantage of Google +.

The information used in this study was based on the results of almost 2,000 small businesses. Additional information regarding the findings can be found at the eMarketer.