Employers Think Veterans Are Good Job Candidates

With the number of job-seeking military veterans about to increase this winter as the bulk of U.S. troops in Iraq are withdrawn, new research shows their experience may give them a leg up in their search.

Conducted by the Apollo Research Institute, the study found that many hiring managers consider military experience a plus. They said veterans possess skills and attributes that will play well on the job. Specifically, the hiring managers cited  leadership and team-building skills, which are transferable to civilian jobs and highly valued.

Ninety-two percent of the surveyed hiring managers expressed  few reservations about adding qualified military veterans to their staff. In addition, 74 percent said they had little concern about hiring reservists or National Guard members, even though those employees would be likely to miss work due to deployments.

The research is particularly timely as the United States scales back its military operations and an increasing number of veterans need career guidance and training when they return home , said Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, vice president and managing director of Apollo Phoenix Research Institute.

"With 40,000 troops coming home in the next month or so, it is imperative that we not only help veterans understand what employers need today, but also encourage partnerships between educators and industries to develop a strong employment pipeline for the future."

The study, "Hiring Heroes: Employer Perceptions, Preferences, and Hiring Practices Related to U.S. Military Personnel," was based on surveys of 800 hiring managers across a range of industries.