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Build Your Career Office Life

Turns Out You Can Take It With You...the Office, That Is



Small businesses have gotten the message: The cloud lets you to take it with you, at least when it comes to your office and valuable data. Moving to the cloud lets you access your data from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

For most small businesses, the problem is not deciding to stick their heads in the cloud, it’s deciding how to do it. A new service believes it can simplify that decision.

When it comes to IT devices and services, many small businesses realize that what they really want is meat and potatoes, without a lot of high-tech bells and whistles they don't understand or need.

Meat and potatoes is what Your Office Anywhere delivers. It's an easy-to-use cloud computing solution that offers small businesses 100 gigabytes of data storage and sharing per user, unlimited collaboration workspaces, online meetings for up to 200 people at a time, contact management and calendar organization. Because it's a cloud offering, there's nothing to download and you're always using the latest version of the services.

Your Office Anywhere also lets you collaborate and share data online with clients without requiring them to sign up for any service or download software.

Pricing begins at $10 a month per user; annual plans are $100 per user.

"You Office Anywhere is a site for the masses," said Leif Hartwig, the founder and CEO of the Tucson, Ariz., startup. "It delivers an all-in-one technology solution for small businesses in a simple and effective service."