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Photos Increase Facebook Fan Engagement

facebook Credit: Dreamstime

The use of photos and calls to action elicit greater responses from Facebook fans than links or even videos, according to digital marketing agency Web Liquid's new research, which was presented on eMarketer.com.

"Companies on Facebook and other social sites are always trying to determine what to post to get fans engaged," eMarketer said. "While each brand is different, and its fans will respond to different things, there are some common threads that companies can keep in mind when planning social media posts and status updates."

Web Liquid analyzed 16 brands and more than 1,500 brand posts from March 2011 to May 2011 to see which Facebook posts had the most engagement with users, including comments and "likes." Web Liquid found that Facebook posts with photos saw a 0.37 percent engagement rate, higher than posts with videos (0.31 percent), text only (0.27 percent) or links (0.15 percent).

To read more details of the research visit eMarketer's report.