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Christian Crowdfunding Site Aims to Finance Reality Show About Spreading the Gospel at Work


Crowdsourcing, the process of gathering ideas, money or labor from a large group of people, has been used for everything from designing products to financing startups. Now, a Christian crowdfunding website, called 1and700.com, is aiming to finance its first project: a reality show about spreading the gospel in the workplace.

The site, which will eventually be used to finance other ideas and projects, said the initial project will be a reality TV show called "Life in the FGBMFI — The Happiest People on Earth." The show will feature Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International leader Richard Shakarian travelling the globe to "witness [the] Christian revival happening around the world through the lens of marketplace leaders, and giving the viewers a chance to respond through social media," according to 1and700.com.

The Pasadena, Calif.-based company estimates it will need to raise  $1 million to launch the show. The money will cover production costs, worldwide distribution of the TV show and social media applications, according to the crowdfunding site.

Other projects also currently seeking crowdfunding on the site include a company called "Manna," which is a prospective Christian social networking site and a movie called "Chariots at the Gate," a follow-up to the 1981 movie "Chariots of Fire." The movie aims to continue where "Chariots of Fire" left off, telling the ongoing story Olympic runner Eric Liddell, who continues combine his religion, his personal convictions and his athletic pursuits today.

"The Christian community is filled with godly people with great ideas that can make a difference in the world," said 1and700's spokesperson. "Making those faith-based ideas a reality is not always easy and Christian crowdfunding allows people to create real-world projects with a global impact. The main reasons why faith-based projects never come to fruition is [a] lack of funding and exposure, but with the love donation of the Christian community around the world, anything is possible."

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Jeanette Mulvey

Jeanette has been writing about business for more than 20 years. She has written about every kind of entrepreneur from hardware store owners to fashion designers. Previously she was a manager of internal communications for Home Depot. Her journalism career began in local newspapers. She has a degree in American Studies from Rutgers University. Follow her on Twitter @jeanettebnd.